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Professional sanitization services for HOMEs, OFFICE, FACILITIES , COMMUNITY & MORE - Brisbane

Provide peace of mind for your family and customers with long-lasting protection of upto 28 days with our Powerful Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Australian made and Owned. An effective Disinfectant for Coronavirus and other Nasties.

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Current Update: GermBusters Professional sanitization services  is now servicing 24 Hours 6 Days / Week for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and sorrounding areas. If you are searching for top sanitization companies near you, we will be right at the top. Do not hesitate to contact GermBusters today. Remember Prevention is Better than Cure. Since the world is currently facing a pandemic, GermBusters – SEQ is thankfully providing the covid-19 sanitization services in Brisbane, QLD. Call us at 1300 800 970 for more information. 


Our Disinfectant

  • Upto 28 Days Protection
  • Adheres to any Surfaces
  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Safe to use on Most Fabrics
  • Bleach & Chlorine Free
  • Environmentally Conscious


  • Possibly Minutes
  • Most will not adhere to surfaces
  • Most will dissipate within minutes
  • Can stain or damage fabrics
  • Most contain harsh bleaches or chlorine
  • Contains harsh chemicals


  • MORE!


Professional House Sanitizing Services Brisbane

Are you looking for a high-quality House Cleaning and Sanitizing Services near you? GermBusters – SEQ house disinfection company uses a quick and effective system for sterilization and sanitizing items, furniture, and the general areas and walls of the home. It is a very convenient option as within 30 –  60 minutes, the whole house is done. Please allow more time for an extra-large size home. Call us for more information.

Disinfecting house is good for the removal of germs and eliminating harmful bacteria, odours, and viruses including the COVID 19. Also, most surfaces of your house including furniture will be sanitized, providing a convenient and comprehensive home sanitizing experience. Please note that as much as we take extra care, please make sure to put away anything that blocks or hinders the process of our sanitization services. 

When choosing a Professional house sanitizing services, be careful in hiring a local company that sanitizes houses effectively, as one must be geared with the right equipment and uses powerful and effective disinfectant and Disinfection technicians that turn up every time. GermBusters – SEQ is one of the top reputed among other home sanitizing companies in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Our satisfied clients feel proud after hiring our house sanitizing services.

GermBusters - SEQ | Sanitization Services Brisbane
GermBusters - SEQ | Sanitization Services Brisbane

Commercial Office Disinfection Service Brisbane

Germbusters – SEQ offers personalized office disinfection service in all areas of Brisbane.  So, is your business protected against the threat of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses? Are you looking for a disinfection company that provides disinfectant for coronavirus Covid-19 SARS-Cov-2? It is understandable that people these days are very much concerned about the danger of being exposed to these nasties. So call us today and book your free assessment to provide that much-needed peace of mind. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and one-off sanitizing cleaning services in other parts of the city as well.  We come and give you a free no-obligation quotation and work out what would be the best disinfection cleaning schedule for your company.

Why Our Sanitzation Services?

There are many office disinfection companies around Brisbane but make sure that you hire the professionals. GermBusters – SEQ understands the importance of listening to your needs, creating a system, and sustaining a hygienic environment so you can be assured that your place is safe for you, your staff, customers, and the general public.

GermBusters – SEQ Office disinfection services only use a Premium Australian made and owned Hospital grade disinfectant product and disinfectant spray which are powerful and effective providing long-lasting protection. So what are you waiting for? Give GermBusters – SEQ a call today on 1300 800 970 and experience the difference with our sanitization services!

Mythbusters Contamination Experiment. Shows how fast and easy bacteria can spread.

Disclaimer: We practice the highest quality commercial cleaning practices as outlined by the Australian Department of Health. It is important to note that we do not claim to be able to completely safeguard your workplace or working environments from COVID19. GermBusters-SEQ uses a range of hospital grade disinfectants designed to kill a broad range of germs, bacteria, and viruses including the SARS type, of which COVID-19 is a part of. In accordance with manufacturers testing, products used may last up to 28 days of ineffectiveness. Contact us for further information.

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