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How Disinfection Cleaning Works? 

GermBusters Fogging System is the most effective service in dealing with germs, bacteria and viruses which includes the Coronavirus. We have a quality control system in place for all of our Commercial Disinfection, Office Disinfection and House Cleaning and Sanitising Services.

Fogging for house sanitising services and office disinfection service kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses and a wide range of pathogens. This process leaves an infection-free home and commercial premises for up to 28 days.  It provides peace of mind for everyone that comes and stays in your home or local business.

Touch Point Cleaning can be done together with fogging. This process ensures that frequently used spaces are thoroughly sanitised by fogging or by the use of disinfectant spray and wipe. 

Areas that are being frequently touched in your home, office and commercial environment. 

Telephone, keyboards, mousepads, Handles and Doorknobs, Power and light switches, Desktops, benches and work surfaces, Table and Chairs, vanity, Sinks and kitchens, Toilets – Vanity Top, Taps / Faucets / Dispensers, Drinking Fountain, Lifts and Escalators, Elevators, Stairs & Handrails. Water fountains and vending machines also need to be deep cleaned as well and all communal areas.

We will work on a suitable schedule with you and your Company staff and we try to make as little or no disruption to your business operation.

In a home environment the process of deep cleaning is, we come when all the family members are able to be outside the home for a couple of hours (depending on the ventilation).

So what are you waiting for? Call us for House Deep Cleaning and Sanitising Services | Office Cleaning Services | Commercial Disinfection and Office Disinfection Service today! 1300 800 970


To give your family, colleagues, staff, and customers the safe environment they deserve.  

Our products and process is most effectively used as a Pro-Active Preventative sanitisation service due to how it works and having up to 28 days efficacy. 
Whilst also used as part of an after infection deep clean service we believe that being pro-active is better than the bad publicity and massive business disruption due a Covid caused shutdown.

  • Fogging/misting process is designed to reach the many hundreds of surfaces that mere spray and wipe cannot consistently cover
  • Hospital Grade – owned and made in Australia
  • Bonds to surfaces LONG LASTING PROTECTION giving up to 30 days efficacy
  • Kills Germs, Viruses, Bacteria- E-coli, Staph, SARS (sars-2 covid), H1N1, Salmonella, HIV, MRSA, Herpes and dozens more
  • Bleach and chlorine free
  • Physically destroys cells- Positive charge attracts negatively charged germ, bacteria and virus cells. Through a biomechanical process, the electrostatic charge interacts with the bacteria lipid layer, resulting in permanent destruction of the bacterial cell. Because the organo-silane isn’t consumed in the disinfection process, it remains ready to continually defend treated surfaces against contamination and biofilm formation. INVISIBLE LAYER OF NANO-SPIKES

Mythbusters Contamination Experiment. Shows how fast and easy bacteria can spread.

Disclaimer: We practice the highest quality commercial cleaning practices as outlined by the Australian Department of Health. It is important to note that we do not claim to be able to completely safeguard your workplace or working environments from COVID19. GermBusters-SEQ uses a range of hospital grade disinfectants designed to kill a broad range of germs, bacteria and viruses including the SARS type, of which COVID-19 is a part of. In accordance with  manufacturers testing, products used may last up to 28 days in effectiveness.
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